Creative Casino Logos

As the casino industry continues to flourish, more and more ideas are being entertained in the business. The concept of logo designs is actually being introduced today to online entrepreneurs who would want to incorporate the idea of casino into their business. Since making a logo can be a difficult task, relying from a logo provider would make the job easier. At this point, here are some creative casino logos for your inspiration.

How To Get Your First Showing In an Art Gallery

Your art being displayed and promoted at a reputable art gallery is just so impressive but getting it there is the main problem.  You have been trying for a very, very long time and for some reason, you've not been able to get a foothold in the market. You are wondering whether you've done something wrong or maybe your work isn't good enough. Stop right there!

You should know that all art gallery owners have a checklist they use to find a good artist for displays.

10 Amazing Game Wallpapers

Personalize your phone

Customizing desktop and smartphone wallpapers has always been a part of personalizing one’s gadget. Instead of just using the pre-loaded ones on the device in question, artwork taken from games tend to make the ideal wallpaper. Pre-loaded wallpaper layouts can be quite dull and gaming wallpaper usually make better still images on computers. So, it's imperative for the gamers out there to find a wallpaper that suits their needs/interests.

Alan Wyllie - The Best Photographer Interview

This week Pokkisam team and IDI interviews contacted Alan Wyllie, Partner of Fife based media production company Cactus ID

Cactus ID is a digital media production company specializing in the development of video, motion graphics and eLearning resources for delivery on and offline. Cactus works predominantly in the Public Sector for government organizations.

Supermoon 2013

Last week photographers around the world had a huge chocalate on the sky, Yes they captured the "supermoon". If you didn't get a chance to see it, Don't worry here I have gathered 15 spectacular photos of supermoon.

If you want to know more about Supermoon, you can do only thing. Yes its nothing but wikipedia.

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