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Archive - Dec 2011


December 30th

Cute Danbo - The Japanese Robot Pictures

Have you ever come across Danbo? When I was in search of articles I came over the pictures of Danbo, the Robot, for the past many months. Here, there, everywhere Danbo, Danbo. I was very excited to catch it, the Japanese cardboard robot which amused many photographers to click.

Come with me to have lively feeling with the cute pictures, I collected, of Danbo



December 27th

Peppy Illustrations Cooked By Florain Nicolle

Everyone can do beautiful illustrations, But some only can be unique with their arts. Florian Nicolle is a French illustrator and graphic designer who is doing such an unique illustrations which has a peppy feel. He loves to work on mostly illustration projects like movie posters, Tees, packaging, artbook and newspapers. Don't miss his style of cooking :)



December 26th

Photography Inspiration #21

In Pokkisam inspiration showcase series today we glad to present Photography Inspiration #21. This is the post of weekly inspirations for your present and future projects.



December 24th

Happy Holidays 2011: Impossible Present !

It's time to wish you all Merry Christmas :D Guyz. Thanks for all your support to Pokkisam...! Bring it Up

Happy Holidays Of 2011 !



December 23rd

Innovative Matchstick Art By Pol Tergejst

To be a talented artist you should be innovative and a creative mind person. I've found Pol Tergejst's matchstick art as an inspiring fine art gallery for everyone who has to bring their project works in unique way. I've been watching this Russian artists work from two days only and I noticed that he got a really unusual style and it is shocking sometimes. He has a great proof that a unique concept can be a boom to any artwork.