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Mindblowing dual monitor desktop wallpapers - High resolution

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As we all give importance to good looking cloths; same kind of importance given to the desktop wallpapers also. These wallpapers represent our feelings, mood and taste. So we have the habit of changing desktop wallpapers almost in daily basis. Beautiful wallpaper which displayed on our desktop can inspire the person who looks at your monitor and captures his mind. There are variety of wallpapers related to nature, photography, patterns, illustrations, HDR and some fantasy related are available in online.

These wallpapers have the power of refreshing our mind and they could be an inspiration for our future projects. To get inspired and to spice up your desktop you can choose and apply a cool looking and interesting wallpaper as you wish from this list :-)








































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About the author

I am Sivakumar from India. The creator of Pokkisam likes to share Art, photography, Design, Architecture here and whatever inspires me. Leave your suggestions and comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS Feed and follow us on Twitter to stay updated..



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excellent :)

excellent :)

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You've done really awesome

You've done really awesome job! thanks a lot for sharing this nice post & I'll visit your site again :)

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I just book marked your blog

I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

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This blog is an excellent

This blog is an excellent example of how a well designed, nicely formatted professional photo/design blog should look like!
The creator of this website is also a very friendly, positive and creative individual who works diligently to make the web a better place to surf.
I recommend this blog to anyone of all ages!

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Looks awesome! I do welcome

Looks awesome! I do welcome the tabs placed on the top!

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very good collection. keep it

very good collection. keep it up.

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This is a really nice blog

This is a really nice blog you got here. The theme is great! Color combination is awesome.

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I have been searching for

I have been searching for this information and finally found it. Thanks!

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Very nice post! I downloaded

Very nice post! I downloaded a bunch of them.

Btw, here are the instructions for applying this to your computer:

My left monitor is 1680x1050 and my right monitor is 1920x1080, but these steps are the same even if your monitors are the same resolution.

1. Add your horizontal resolutions together (i.e. 1680 + 1920 = 3600)
2. Take your tallest vertical resolution. (i.e. 1080)
3. Your total resolution is those two (i.e. 3600x1080)
4. Proportionally resize the photo to match one of those resolutions, but so that it doesn't exceed either (i.e. Calton Hill is 5085x1600, so I resized to 3432x1080)
5. Expand your canvas to match the total resolution (i.e. I changed canvas size to 3600x1080, which creates black (or whatever color you want) bars on the sides)
6. Set your desktop option to Tile, which is the only way to span it

Here's another example:
Global photo:
Resize to 2160x1080
Canvas: 3600x1080

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It was really inspiring I

It was really inspiring I loved it, thanks a ton to bring me back and more closer to my real self and my family.

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Nice site,i have bookmarked

Nice site,i have bookmarked it for later use, thanks.

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Very interesting blog post.

Very interesting blog post. Your blog is swiftly getting to be among my top picks.

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Admiring the time and effort

Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. Thumbs up!

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Coool Photos......

Coool Photos......

Anonymous's picture

its very hard to desight

its very hard to desight witch wallpaper put on my screen....
I think i will take the "GEEK" Wallpaper :)

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Cool collection; thumbs up !

Cool collection; thumbs up !

Anonymous's picture

wonderful work - great

wonderful work - great collection

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