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Unique under water photography -Natgeo archives

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As we all know that the national geographic archives provides infinite collection of  photos on various areas like nature, animals, place, under water and anything you think off.  And most of you made a tour over this collection but in giant stream of photos it is difficult for you to find your interested area like underwater photos. So you are mostly thinking for a separate collection of these photos. Don’t worry, this time we are taking you to an excursion in to the wonderful world of underwater photos gathered from National geographic website.

Previous compilation

Unique underwater photography -Natgeo archives


manatee-and-fish-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

tarpon-grand-cayman-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

wetland-frog-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

underwater-cave-bahamas-skiles-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

tube-anemone-bali-pod-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

right-whales-swimming-pod-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

scuba-diver-littlehales-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

jellyfish-palau-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

anemones-soft-corals-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

clownfish-bubble-tipped-anemone-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

manta-rays-pod-best09-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

shark-kingman-reef-pod-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

leopard-seal-swimming-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

atlantic-walrus-underwater-pod-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

coconut-island-fish-pod-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

whale-shark-skerry-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

brown-bear-underwater-pod-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

dwarf-minke-whale-underwater-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

lake-ohrid-dock-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

mosaic-jellyfish-australia-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

snorkeler-underwater-thailand-Unique-underwater-photography-Natgeo archives

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Anonymous's picture


Wonderful photographs....Perfect lighting too..good work

Anonymous's picture

nice image quality great

nice image quality great clarity awesome list...thanks for sharing

Anonymous's picture

Underwater - Natgeo

Underwater - Natgeo

Anonymous's picture

Wow...! amazing

Wow...! amazing photographs!
So blue, make me want to swimming and diving in the ocean.
Btw, the last one so funny :D

Anonymous's picture

cool photos....

cool photos....

Anonymous's picture

Stunning just amazing

Stunning just amazing collection

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